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Monday, January 15, 2007

YANUR Nasi Talam / Mandi Rice

This is a post of some difference. Instead of going to a restaurant...why don't have a function at your home with much comfort and pleasure of good company of your family and friends.

I tried YANUR Nasi Talam catering service and what a trip it was. I only prepared the venue while YANUR's staff came with the 'saprah' cloth and such. Rice with lamb were distributed into large pans that can feed 8 people. This is a communal dinner service that gather everyone. With the rice, come condiments of yogurt cucumber, chutney and sauce. You can taste various flavours when you eat your rice.
If your choice is not to serve communal, you can also order it and serve it part of a buffet. The choice is yours.
Interested parties can call SANTOS, the manager at YANUR at 8719986. Enjoy the food!!


Bulimic said...

Wow! that looks delicious and good fun too! The last time I had this was in Riyadh, which is like many years ago! Will surely wanna try out this one soon.

Thanks for sharing the info bro :)

UcingItam said...

darn! I love mutton and beriyani!

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE share food??

Anonymous said...

i love food.. but i dont understand how ppl can eat together in one 'talam'. It's not hygenic, isn't it? lain lah kalau berbagi lam another plate for each person....

Juan Pablo Fernandez said...

It's sunnah Rasullah.. to eat together in a big talam. It bring harmony and blessing in the family.I would suggest you read more about it rather than stating it's unhygienic.

Anonymous said...

Aii makan betalam reminds me of mekah and mina because time haji aku pernah join tu makan setalam with some bruneians. This site is interesting. Much better if prices are included. xD

Anonymous said...

as far as I know, it is not sunnah to eat in a big talam....it is just arabic tradition, correct me if I am wrong

Anonymous said...

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